Motivation is such a powerful creation, it is what makes us go on. I’m aware I haven’t posted in quite some time. Quite frankly, I don’t think anyone noticed. There have been many times where I have just sat here staring at my laptop screen thinking what to write, or to even write at all.

Motivation comes with many different aspects of life, whether it be motivation for something physical or even mentally. It’s like a never ending staircase, each step holds a new memory but do you have the motivation to climb a new step every time? I got to a point where I guess everything was just becoming too much. All these emotions were taking over. I find it extremely hard to write when my mind is filled with all these thoughts and I haven’t quite figured out a way of expressing and getting rid of them yet.

So there I was patrolling through my page being an absolute critic of everything I have written on this blog, so much criticism led me to delete one of my posts, “happiness”. I have come to this stage where I can’t think of what to write and I never thought I’d be at this stage so soon, perhaps it’s just a phase. I hope it is just a phase. I dream and long for the day when I come across something or perhaps someone that gives me the motivation to carry on physically but mostly, mentally.


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