For me love would be defined as falling head over heels for a certain individual, and also love is between friends and family. It seems relevant to write about love as yesterday was the oh so famous day- Valentine’s Day. As you may have guessed I was sat on the sofa all day alone watching Netflix and I got thinking. My perception of what love is and how people act when they are in love is all generated from movies and books. But is that truly what it is? Some would say maybe film has ruined the idea of love, we watch it and we expect it. Maybe traditions have ruined love, maybe past experiences have ruined love or maybe we ruin love. If love truly exists and its meant to be this powerful, wonderful thing then why do some of us fuck it up. Does that mean we don’t truly love? I don’t know. All I can say is if you have love and someone has it for you, don’t fuck it up. And if you don’t have it well it’ll come round the corner before you know it. Supposedly. I mean that is what the movies have taught me.


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