What is normal?
When we see someone walking down a street, alone, talking to themselves or undressing in public or screaming randomly, we would all automatically think it was abnormal. Those who are close to the “abnormal” ones make sure they seek help, mostly. But what about the ones that are psychologically abnormal but it isn’t obvious why don’t we help those. Most of those close to me and those who see me everyday occasionally see my slit wrists and do they help? No. Why is it that those who fail to bring themselves to try and seek help, don’t even get help by those who notice.
It is so strange how I could be sat in a room on the verge of breaking down, wanting to scream, cry, shout and run as far away as possible but on the outside I’m just me. Doing okay, looking “normal”. But then again I don’t blame anyone for not being able to read my mind and understand me, when quite frankly I don’t even understand what goes on in my mind.


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